Document Your Family History with Lucidpress

Since I wrote the post below about creating family history charts in Lucidchart, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback.  Lately the same company has released Lucidpress, an easy way to create beautiful and print documents.

Of course the first thing that came to my mind was creating family histories!  In the past, I have tried creating these in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but have often struggled with the layout element — it’s just hard to get pictures to go where you want them to go with text.

I’ve tried out Lucidpress to create the history of my great-great-great grandmother and I am thrilled.  It is a very easy application to learn and in a matter of minutes, I had my first few pages laid out.  What’s even better is that I can create a print version, but also a digital version to include a few videos, image galleries and more.  I’m hoping that the digital version will interest my children more than a book since they will be able to see it on their laptop, iPad, or iPhone!

Check out Lucidpress for your family histories.

Make a Family Tree Online with LucidChart

I recently came across a free online service called LucidChart where you can create a beautiful family tree.  With its intuitive interface and slick functionality, I was able to create a family tree in just a few minutes that looked great!  Some of the features include:

  • Real-time collaboration – Invite many family members online to help and you can actually work on the family tree at the same time and see each others’ changes instantaneously!  There’s even chat inside the application so you can easily communicate while working on it.
  • Upload your own images – Make your family tree more than just names and dates.  Include pictures of you and your ancestors to spruce things up.
  • Publish in lots of different formats – Besides all the normal options (PDF, JPEG, etc.), you can actually export to a blog, wiki, or website.  The great thing is that if you change the family tree in LucidChart, it will automatically update on your website.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a family tree online and involve other family members to do it, don’t hesitate to give LucidChart and its free family tree chart template a try.

Family In History: Make a Family Tree Website

Create a family tree website to share your family tree online and add personal stories, information and pictures about your ancestors.

Being the family historian no longer has to be a solo job. You can easily create your own family tree website by uploading your GEDCOM file. Now every member of your family can view your family tree online, add personal stories, information and photos about your ancestors.

Features & Benefits

  • Make a family tree online
  • One-click GEDCOM upload
  • Individual ancestor pages
  • Upload pictures and stories
  • Online genealogy charts
  • Family blog and news

How Your Family Tree Website Works (Genealogy 2.0)

Custom family tree website

Your family will have a personalized genealogy website to store and share genealogy information, photos, stories and more (e.g. ). Each member will have a user profile with a unique log in and password, as well as their own private page they can update. Everyone you invite will have instant access to your family tree online.

It couldn’t be easier

With a simple click you can upload your GEDCOM file to instantly create a custom family tree website that your relatives can enjoy and expand. Your group can view online genealogy charts and make a family tree online. To show you how easy it is, you can try it out free.


As the administrator you will have control of who can do what on your site. If you’re not sure you want crazy Uncle Joe embellishing the stories with his creative memories, you can limit what each member’s rights are. Administrative privileges include the ability to add, edit or delete any content. Collaborators can upload pictures, stories and timeline events. Viewers can read, enjoy the stories and relationships and view your family tree online.


Create additional pages for your website with just two clicks. Don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have any experience building web pages. You can create these pages in a user-friendly “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor. Experienced webmaster? Great—feel free to customize your family tree website using the HTML editor for these additional pages.

Accept donations

Easily accept donations on your website by including your Paypal address. You won’t have to wait for checks in the mail to help pay for family reunions, copies, or other genealogy-related expenses. When family members want to donate, they will be taken directly to Paypal where they can contribute with a credit card, bank account or Paypal account. This is especially ideal for a family association.


Through your FamilyInHistory website, you could make connections with other branches of your family tree. More of your family could be out there looking for you, and this is the perfect way for them to find you. They might have the missing piece of information that you have spent years searching for.

Features of Your Genealogy Web Hosting

Individual ancestor pages

Bring your ancestors to life and celebrate them as the real people they were. Each ancestor listed on your family tree website will have a separate page with all of their vital information; including birth, marriage and death dates, as well as any photos and stories you have to share. Information about living family members will be private.

Individual timelines

Find more than your family history; understand your family in history. With the dates in your GEDCOM file, you will have a timeline for each person, including birth, death, marriages, and children. Other important dates like military service, honors received or college graduation can be added online. Genealogy charts will suddenly be about your family, instead of faceless names on dusty papers.

Easy online genealogy charts

Pedigree charts can be confusing and time consuming to fill out on paper. FamilyInHistory organizes all of your information into an easy-to-read family tree. Modern technology makes genealogy work easier and allows your whole family to access the information when they want to. Try FamilyInHistory for your genealogy web hosting and you’ll see how convenient it is to store pedigree and descendancy charts on your own genealogy site.

Family blog

Gone are the days when families filled neighborhoods and Aunt Geraldine lived down the street with your 7 cousins. Now you can keep in touch with a family blog. The blog is a fantastic way to share good news with the whole family, like a promotion or a new baby. Reminisce about childhood memories, share genealogy breakthroughs, get to know your distant cousins, or plan a family reunion.


The additional security of storing your family tree online and having all of your photos and genealogy information on your family tree website protects against damage or loss of information through disasters or accidents. It also eliminates the need to divide up precious family photos and documents or pass around valuable family history charts and information.

Work on it anywhere

If you are going on a genealogy scouting trip, you don’t have to pack up all of your loose papers. Just bring a laptop and access your family tree website online. If you travel for work, evenings can be hard to fill, but it’s a great time to work on your family history. You can also work on it during your lunch hour, waiting for a flight, or anywhere you have access to the internet.

You don’t have to do it alone

Younger generations can be turned off by the old fashioned pen and paper concept, but online work is a familiar and inviting way to get them involved. You might be surprised how excited they will be about genealogy when they can access their family tree online. Instead of having just one person working on your family history, you can now have 10, 100, or even 1000 family members contributing—imagine the possibilities!